Could not execute WMI method SMS_Client.SetClientProvisioningMode

Right after the release of “Creators Update” we started testing it in an Upgrade TaskSequence.
We immediately hit a roadblock. “Could not execute WMI method SMS_Client.SetClientProvisioningMode”
Another error message was “Failed to run the action: Upgrade Operating System. A Stop control has been sent to a service that other running services are dependent on”.

After a little while I remembered an other problem we have had earlier where we for some reason used a “Workaround” where you actually made smstsmgr dependent on smsexec to be running.

If there is others like us that actually applied this workaround you will have problems running the upgrade task sequence for 1703. 1607 works like a charm tho.

So a tip to everyone that have ever used that workaround:

Create a “Run Command line” step at the start of you upgrade TS with “sc config “smstsmgr” depend= “” ” to remove the dependency..

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